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Moving Feasts

Moving Feasts

We kickstarted the Moving Feast as a community of colour led response towards increasing incidents of racism aimed at newly arrived community members in the suburbs of Bendigo. The events provided opportunities for newly arrived communities to occupy public space, celebrate their cultures and strengthen sense of belonging.


Since then, the Moving Feast has expanded to communities in Macedon Shire and Campaspe Shire, and continues to provide opportunities for cross-cultural connections and positive exposure to multicultural concepts for established communities.

School Moving Feasts

In 2023 we extended the Moving Feast project to eight primary schools and community centres in Central Victoria. The School Moving Feast events are not simply cooking demonstrations but use a detailed lesson plan and resources that engage primary school children in an interactive, play-based workshop.

These events have vast potential to address issues of racism, diversity, social inclusion and positive self-esteem among primary school students in regional towns. They also encourage healthy eating habits using fresh and seasonal produce available locally!

If you're interested in bringing the Moving Feast to your school,

get in touch via our contact page!

“The event was very good in a sense that it gives me and other Karen people a platform to be heard on issues like racism. I was pleased that I could talk on behalf of my people, especially the younger generations about issues that are rel­evant to our life experiences.”

– Young Karen Community Leader, Speaker at Harmony Week Moving Feast

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