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Gather, Connect, Belong

Gather, Connect, Belong is centred around women’s mental health, wellbeing and inclusion. Through a series of activities the program encourages opportunities for women take a break from daily responsibilities, build social connection, celebrate women’s achievements and build capacity for self-care.


Unlike many women’s wellbeing programs, Gather, Connect, Belong is unique in that it is grounded in the principles of placemaking. This means, at the core of the program is a commitment to shaping safe supportive spaces that are both consistent and reliable, where women can relax, share a meal, connect with one another, and gain a sense that this really is their place.


Open to women of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences, Gather, Connect, Belong runs activities across Bendigo, Macedon Ranges, Mount Alexander Shire and Loddon Shire.

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"I had the great opportunity to join the Regional Victorians of Colour and Neighbourhood Collective Australia at their Women’s Self-care Hazara style breakfast, at the Old Church on the Hill in Bendigo.

It was a space, safe space and supportive space for women of all ages, backgrounds and experiences to have the time to just be there together, to share some food, a coffee and a laugh or a shoulder to lean on. I felt the connection, the care and the love women have for each other."

– Viv Nguyen, Victorian Multicultural Commissioner
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