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Regional and rural people of colour are the narrators of their own stories - on their own terms.

Our Current Initiatives

Gather, Connect, Belong

Moving Feasts

Women of Colour Driving Program

Harambee  Homework 

Our Journey

Regional Victorians of Colour was founded by a small group of people of colour in Bendigo back in 2021. We started the organisation because of our own lived experiences of interpersonal, institutional and structural racism while working in the community sector and wanted to make a difference.

“I stay alone, I don’t do anything during my TAFE holidays, it is a long holiday of six weeks for me where I spend all my time at home. I have never been to camping, it was fun, I laughed a lot. It was fantastic to meet many other women from different culture and religious background from me but we all have many things in common. I met two of the women campers two days after the camp. They greeted me, it was not a polite- friendly ‘hello’. It was an ‘I know you hello'."

– Women of Colour, camping and bushwalking participant.

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